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A Brief Email Interview with Kathryn Schutmaat

Posted by Joseph Chapman on Apr 22, 2014  

When My Very First Cello Method first arrived at SHAR we thought: Another method book . . . is there anything special about this one? What follows is a brief email interview with the author, Kathryn Schutmaat. We hear a little about her professional background, her multicultural identity, and what's special about this particular cello method book...

SHAR: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background and training?

Kathryn Schutmaat: I’m a classically trained, professional cellist from a family of musicians, and I began my career as a concert cellist at an early age... 

A Brief Email Interview with Kathryn Schutmaat

February 10, 2018

Story by Leann Burke

A 200-year-old cello sits on a stand in the sitting room of Kathryn Schutmaat’s Jasper home. The instrument, like its owner, is at rest after decades of playing in orchestras and chamber music groups around the world.


Kathryn Schutmaat of Jasper grew up in Venezuela playing the cello among a family of musicians. She was a founding member of the Venezuelan National Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra...   

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