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My daughter just started taking cello lessons this year and needed a book that gave her more theory and practice exercises for techniques she is learning. This book is a perfect supplement to Sassannshaus Early start on the Cello volume 1."


By John R Nairn on March 16 2014







Designed with deep knowledge of the instrument and with a fresh perspective!


As with Vol. 1, I have been pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and deep knowledge of the instrument with which Vol. 2 is designed through the methodology applied and the gradual complexity inherent to music theory and the instrument's own information. The varied, multi-ethnic repertoire, where Spanish wanders freely along with German, Irish, French, and English, show the author's broad vision as an international artist. Not to mention her presence as a songwriter with well structured and very musical didactic pieces which are pleasing to the student. Scattered with pristine musicality and diversity, the `Cello Ensemble Pieces' book, to be used simultaneously with volumes 1 and 2, consists of well chosen ensemble pieces which allow students to advance on well known territory. These fascinating and valuable books, which with no doubt will come to public light as well as becoming an essential part of the cello student's educational library, add a new perspective in learning the cello and becoming skilled musicians.


By Ariel Perez on January 17, 2013







Wonder Beginning Method!


This is a great beginning cello book. I can't wait to use it with my young daughter. The book will keep the attention of a young child with it's easy instructions and beautiful illustrations. The progression of this book is just the right speed, not boringly slow, not confusingly fast. The student will feel like they are on their way to being a good player with the familiar songs for them to play, both nursery rhymes and traditional classics. There are beautiful original compositions by the author too. This method combines theory with playing, so no additional expense for a theory book is necessary. As this is Volume 1, I hope Volume 2 is soon forthcoming!


By Amazon Customer on December 6, 2011








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